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Dragon Talk: D&D Stream of Many Eyes

Discussing the Stream of Many Eyes

Dragon Talk: D&D ARG Designers, 6/11/18

Discussing the #NoStoneUnturned ARG


Game Trade Media: Lions and Tigers and Bears

Watch me explain how to play!

D&D for Extra Life at Gamehole Con 2018

That time I played an insane game of D&D live for charity with Chris Perkins, Matthew Mercer, Patrick Rothfuss, Amy Vorphal, and more!


Founders & Legends D&D for Extra Life

DM Stefan Pokorny runs an AD&D game for me, Luke Gygax, Kyle Newman, and more!

Geek Out! on TableTop with Wil Wheaton

Wil plays Geek Out! with Anne Wheaton, Clare Kramer, and Bonnie Burton!

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